About Me


I am a lifestyle Domme and a strong, athletic woman with a Gothic edge. I play with good intentions and to see how far you think you can go, and then how far I can really take you. But don't be too scared, I'll go slow... at first.

I find our “deviant” behavior fascinating in that to understand human nature we have to understand our aberrations. It's about challenging preconceived notions of Victorian and Puritanical normalcy, bringing your fantasies to life, and making them real and acceptable if not accessible. From the moment you enter my domain you will have begun your crossing into a world where your darkest desires, burning wishes, and hunger driven fantasies will be brought into the light.

Whether it's my flawless florentine flogging or the gliding of my claws against your back, the sinking of my teeth into your flesh, or letting you worship my boots from the heel to the top lace you will find yourself given unto my hypnotizing gaze-- surrendering your body and will into my web.

Bites, Bruises, & Beauty

Mistress Widow

Name: Mistress Widow

Role:  Dominant, Sadist

Playing With Others Since:  2001

Birthday: July 15th

College: Yes, graduated.

Attitude:  Sweet, Playful & Firm

Favorite Scenes:  Corporal, Vampire Role Play, Hot Wax, Play Piercing and Edge, SO, Bondage, Public Play Scenes at SM Clubs, Multiple Domme Scenes

Favorite Color: Blood

Favorite Quote: “I want to feel dirty...”

Favorite Gifts Come From:

  1. www.Amazon.com

  2. www.PurplePassion.com

  3. www.JTStockroom.com

  4. http://www.kvodesign.com/

Bites, Bruises, & Beauty